Simple And effective Workout Routines For Women

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For many of us if we were given the choice of being slightly fitter and healthier, we’d jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat.

We can obviously improve our health and fitness levels, but these improvements certainly do not happen overnight, and they require a great deal of hard work, motivation, dedication, and self discipline in order for us to be successful.

The summer is coming up for many of us, which means we’ll be wearing much less clothing than we did over the cooler winter months, which means more of our bodies will be on show.

If you’re worried your body may not be up to scratch, then fear not, because there are a few simple and highly effective workouts that you can perform that will help tone the muscles in your body, and burn away unsightly body fat in the process. Here are a few examples of some typical workouts you could perform.

Full body workout routines

Full body workout routines in the gym are extremely beneficial and are very quick to perform as well, so you can be in and out in no time at all, and you’ll still end up getting a great workout in, in the process.

A full body workout will work all of the major muscle groups in your body, so your chest, your back, your shoulders, your legs, and your arms will all get a good workout.

There are a number of different exercises you can do that will target each specific body part, with the basic premise being that you choose one exercise per body part and will perform between 4 – 6 sets of typically 12 – 15 repetitions to help firm and tone the muscles.

Bodyweight workout routines

Even if you’re not too keen on gyms, or simply don’t have access to, or the time, or the cash for a gym membership, don’t let this put you off because you can still strengthen and tone your muscles and burn body fat, even without any type of equipment whatsoever. You can do so by performing bodyweight exercises instead.

Bodyweight exercises are great for strengthening and toning the muscles, and they can be performed anywhere. A typical circuit could be 10 bodyweight squats, followed by 10 abdominal crunches, followed by 10 push ups, before you rest for a minute and repeat the circuit all over again.

Kettle bell workouts

Kettlebells are simply fantastic pieces of equipment and are ideal for women who happen to be relatively new to working out. They’re designed to work all of the major parts of the body, with the main focal point being the fact that they help to strengthen and stabilise the core whilst you use them.

Kettle bell swings for example, will work the arms, the back, the hamstrings, and the abdominal muscles, making them a fantastic compound exercise.

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