What The Tricep Pushdown Is – And How To Do It Correctly!

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When it comes to bodybuilding and weight training, most people would agree that a set of huge arms is a clear indication that a person takes their weight training seriously.

However, as far as the size of the arms is concerned, rather than focusing on the biceps, one should instead focus on the triceps in order to build a set of huge “guns” as it were.

If you’re looking for a great triceps exercise, you’d be hard pressed to find a better example of quality exercise than the tricep pushdown, and for that reason, we’ll be looking at this exercise right now. Here’s how it’s performed correctly.

How To Do The Triceps Pushdown – Explained

  • Begin by facing the cable machine that you’ll be using to complete the exercise on.
  • If using a horizontal bar, grasp it with an overhand grip, and ensure that the bar is at around chest height.
  • Next, tuck both of your elbows into your sides, and place your feet slightly apart from one another.
  • Choose a moderate weight, brace your abdominal muscles, and push down on the bar until both of your elbows are completely extended. Ensure they remain close to your body all the way down.
  • When fully extended, hold for a second, before slowly allowing the bar to come back up to chest height, and repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.
  • Make sure to keep your back straight at all times, and never use your shoulders or back muscles to help push the weight down. If the weight is too heavy, simply choose a lighter one.
  • Bend your knees ever so slightly as you push the bar down.

(this is sometimes called the Triceps Pulldown)

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