Gym Geek AI – Build a Personalized Workout Plan

Create a personalized workout plan using Gym Geek’s new AI tool. Based on the same technology that powers ChatGPT, Gym Geek AI can generate a single workout or a structured routine for any fitness goal.

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Hi there 👋 Nice to meet you! I'm your virtual personal trainer and I'm here to help you build a personalized workout plan.

To build your workout plan, I need to know a little more about you. Tell me who you are, what your current level of fitness is and what your goals are. You can also tell me if you have a preferred style of working out, and I'll try my best to build a custom workout plan for you.

For the best results, provide as much detail as you can. If you don't, I will make some assumptions and your workout plan will be less personalized.

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Gym Geek AI – Build a Personalized Workout Plan

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Gym Geek’s AI workout generator creates single workouts or structured routines for any fitness goal. If our expert workout routines don’t quite fit your fitness level, lifestyle or preferred workout style, try our new tool to get a personalized workout routine in minutes!

How to generate a workout

Gym Geek AI uses artificial intelligence (AI), the same technology that powers ChatGPT, to understand your fitness goals and workout preferences. To generate your workout plan:

  1. Tell the AI about you – Provide your age, gender, weight and height. You can also tell us about health conditions you have, but you should consult your doctor or another suitably qualified professional before making changes to your exercise program.
  2. Detail the exercises or routine you currently follow – If you already do any kind of exercise, even if it’s walking, let us know. Provide as much detail as you can, particularly if you already do strength training or cardio. If you don’t, the AI will assume you are a beginner and may add a foundational strength phase to the workout plan.
  3. Think about your fitness goals – If you want a resistance training workout, let us know if you are training for hypertrophy (size) or strength. If you tell us about a weight loss or weight gain goal, we’ll tweak the routine and provide advice and calorie deficit calculations in your generated result. If you have a life event in mind, like a wedding, let us know.
  4. Finally, add your workout preferences – Do you want a weekly routine? Or a 90 day weight loss plan? Do you want a PPL split or a full-body workout? Provide as much detail as you can. If you don’t, we’ll make some assumptions and provide a routine that matches your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Once you’re ready, click “Generate” – you’ll be redirected to your workout plan. It can take up to 2 minutes to generate your plan. If the workout plan doesn’t match your expectations, it’s probably because the AI made some assumptions. Click “Go back” and add more detail to try again.


  • Provide as much detail as you can – The AI will try to do the best job it can given the information you provide. If you miss an important detail, the AI will still work but it will make assumptions.
  • Use the suggested “Quick add” buttons – Below each question are some suggested pieces of information you might want to add to your answer. For example, under goals, you can click “Lose weight”, “Maintain weight” or “Gain weight” to quickly add extra detail to your inputs.
  • Avoid confusing or ambiguous answers – Try to be as specific as possible in your request. If you select too many options, the AI may get confused. For example, if you select Hypertrophy, Power and Endurance as goals, the AI may generate 3 separate workouts rather than a single routine.

Weight loss workout plan

Gym Geek AI can build a strength training and cardio workout plan to help you lose weight. To lose weight without losing muscle, it’s important to combine a calorie deficit with enough resistance training and cardio.

photo - Woman holds a weighing scale. Gym Geek AI can generate a weight loss plan for you.

Resistance training promotes the growth of muscle in your body and increases your metabolic rate and bone density. Doing regular resistance training while losing weight can offset the muscle mass your body uses for energy. Resistance training also continues to burn calories long after you’ve completed your session. This phenomenon is known as the “afterburn effect”.

Cardio complements this by promoting heart health, burning calories and improving your overall fitness level. Cardio exercises like running or cycling typically burn more calories during the workout itself when compared with resistance training.

photo - Women run on treadmills at the gym. Running is a good cardio exercise for losing weight.

If we think you want to lose weight, we’ll automatically calculate your calorie deficit given what we know about you. Your workout plan includes up to 4 weight loss strategies — from 0.25 kg (0.5 lbs) to 1kg (2.2 lbs) per week — and provides an estimated number of weeks it will take to hit your target weight.

How to: Select the “Lose weight” on the form and Gym Geek AI will do the rest. If you like, you can provide extra detail about your weight loss goal, including your target weight.

Expert workout routines to compare with:

Workout plan for beginners

If you’re new to working out, don’t worry! Gym Geek AI will create a workout plan just for you.

As a beginner, you may benefit from a foundational stage. This stage of your plan is about building a basic level of body strength and endurance. Unless you’ve asked for a plan over a specific time frame, your foundational stage will last between 3 and 5 weeks.

photo - Woman performs a bodyweight exercise using a resistance band

The specific plan will vary based on your workout preferences. Full-body and bodyweight (calisthenics) are popular choices for beginners, although you’ll eventually reach a plateau. That’s why we recommend moving to a workout split with heavier weights after 6-8 weeks.

How to: For the question “What is your current fitness level?”, be sure to tell us you are a beginner. Also tell us about any existing exercises you do, even if it’s walking for exercise. If you have any workout preferences, such as full-body workouts or working out at-home, let us know.

Expert workout routines to compare with:

3 to 7 day workout splits

Whether it’s PPL, upper lower or a bro split, Gym Geek AI can build a custom workout routine based on your experience, goals and preferences. If your goal is to gain muscle, a workout split will be more effective compared to full-body workouts or a bro split.

Splits like push pull legs (PPL) see you work each muscle group twice per week. This maximizes your workout frequency and enables you to achieve a higher training volume in your routine.

A PPL workout is made up of push day, pull day and legs day.

High training volumes are crucial to stimulating muscle growth and increasing your total muscle mass. If your goal is muscle hypertrophy, then using a PPL split to achieve a high volume can be a good approach to training.

The major limitation in strength training is the amount of rest time you need to allow between workouts. Muscle repair is what causes your muscles to grow stronger and bigger, and this process takes up to 48 hours after working out.

Because of the way a PPL split separates muscle groups, it provides the minimum 48 hour recovery period needed before you work the same muscle group again.

How to: Tell the AI what your preferred workout style is, whether that’s PPL, ULPPL, upper lower or literally any other style you can think of! It’s also useful to tell us how days you want to workout per week. You can provide a range (e.g. 4-5 days) if you like.

Expert workout routines to compare with:

Muscle group workouts

Gym Geek AI is most popular for creating weekly workout routines and long-term fitness plans. But did you know that it can also generate a workout for a specific muscle group? If you already have a workout routine you’re happy with, you can use the AI to get new ideas and switch up particular days of your routine.

photo - Man flexes his arm muscles. Gym Geek AI can generate an arm day workout, as well as workouts for an body part or muscle group.

To avoid a plateau, it’s a good idea to change your exercises from time to time. If you follow an upper lower routine, for example, you can ask for a new upper day with specific exercises. You can also use the AI to combine multiple groups and ideas together.

How to: For the preferred workout style, tell us you want a workout to train specific muscle groups. For example, you can ask for a “back and bicep day” and we’ll generate a single workout for you.

Expert workout routines to compare with:

AI is experimental

Gym Geek AI uses an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) system. Due to the nature of AI, you cannot rely on this information being true, accurate, complete, current or non-misleading.

You should not make any changes to your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, activities or exercise programmes based on the information generated by AI without first consulting your doctor or another suitably qualified professional.

Dislaimer – This information is not advice. Provided without representations or warranties. All exercise involves risk of injury, including serious injury or death. Consult a doctor or medical professional first. Not an alternative to medical advice. We accept no liability for loss, injury or damage. See our complete disclaimer.

Support and feedback

We welcome any question or feedback about Gym Geek AI. Please see our contact page to get in touch. Remember to include the URL of the generated workout plan in your email.