Shoulder Exercises

If you want to look as wide and big as possible you gotta work out those shoulders! Big shoulders are always impressive.

Although it might seem like shoulders are kind of big muscles - they aren't. A lot of people shy away from working out their shoulders in the gym because they have to use very light weights. But that is just how it is for everyone.

The classic exercise for shoulders is the shoulder press (military press).

But that only works the shoulder muscles in an 'up' direction. You also have to the front and to the sides.

Don't forget to also do front raises and lateral raises!

Also don't forget to do your shrugs. While they aren't really your shoulders they are in the same area! (And we didn't want to make a new section on the site for just one exercise...)

Less common shoulder exercises

Exercises such as the Arnold press are uncommon, but effective!

Stay safe!

Always stay safe when doing shoulder exercises (as with any exercise!). Ensure you have good shoulder flexibility!