How To Safely And Correctly Use The Leg Press Machine In The Gym

How To Safely And Correctly Use The Leg Press Machine In The Gym

When it comes to building up the muscles in our legs, the leg press machine is without doubt, one of the best and most beneficial pieces of equipment you could ever hope for.

Some people however, are put off from the leg press machine, due to the fact that it can appear slightly complex and difficult to operate.

Truth be told, once you know what you’re doing, the leg press machine is one of the safest and most beneficial leg machines you could wish for. Here’s how to use it.

How To Use The Leg Press Machine Guide

  1. Start off by sitting on the machine with your back pressed firmly against the support.
  2. Your feet should be placed flat on the foot plate, slightly wider than hip width apart. Your legs should form roughly an angle of 90 degrees from the knee.
  3. Your butt should remain firmly in the seat, if you have to sit up slightly, your legs are located at too sharp an angle, so adjust them.
  4. Grab firmly onto the assist handles located at the side of the machine.
  5. Push the plate platform away with your feet by extending the knees and hips, and pushing backwards into the seat.
  6. Turn the locking safety handle with your hand so that the machine is free to move.
  7. Push the weight with your feet, making sure to do so in a controlled manner. Never quite fully lock the knees out, but make sure to get good range of motion.
  8. Bring your knees back towards your chest and allow the foot plate to return to the starting position. Make sure your feet are flat and firmly pressed onto the surface of the plate.
  9. Repeat the exercise again until you’ve completed your desired reps.
  10. When you’ve done, bring your knees back, engage the safe grip handle so that the plate remains locked in place, and remove yourself from the machine.
  11. Always remember to get great range of motion, and adjust the seat whenever necessary. Never allow your knees to bow either outwards or inwards. Push the plate with your forefoot and your heels, and make sure to start off with a light weight.
  12. Finally, always ensure that the safety locking grip handle is correctly locked in place before you try to leave the machine. Just a quick check with your hand(s) whilst your legs hold the platform in position will do just fine.