Everything You Need to Know About Leg Extensions, and Why You Should Love Them

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If you’re serious about getting yourself in shape for the upcoming summer months, or even if you’re just trying to build a little extra functional strength, then you simply must ensure that you train your legs on a regular basis, and that you take your leg training seriously.

Many people just go to the gym for show, and for that reason, they neglect their legs as they can’t really show them off in public, unless the weather is exceptionally warm.

The truth is that your legs are so important as they’re the foundation for which your entire body is based upon. They carry your weight, and you build up your upper body and not your legs, your joints may suffer in the near future. Not only that, but people with big upper bodies and skinny chicken legs look absolutely ridiculous, so make sure you train them.

The leg extension machine is a great machine for isolating your quadriceps muscle, which is ideal because most other leg exercises are compound exercises, and target more than one muscle group at once. Not this one however. If you’re looking to really focus on your quadriceps, this is the machine for you.

Here’s how to correctly perform leg extensions:

  1. Begin by sitting on the machine, ensuring that your back is completely supported by the back support pads.
  2. Adjust the position so that you’re comfortable enough and able to fully extend your legs.
  3. When you are, select your desired weight, nothing too heavy, firmly grip the side handles for support, and to avoid you lifting up your body to help complete the exercise, and carefully place your feet just behind the pads, so that the pads are slightly above your ankles.
  4. Next, fully extend your legs slowly, and hold them for a second once they’re fully contracted.
  5. Slowly return them to the starting position, and make sure not to bounce the weight stack.
  6. Make sure you breathe out as you extend your legs, and breathe in when you bring them back.
  7. Always ensure that your back is firmly in contact with the back support pad when completing this exercise.

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