How To Do Dumbbell Chest Flyes

How To Do Dumbbell Chest Flyes
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If you’re interested in weight training and bodybuilding, then you’ll probably know full-well just how many people like to train their chests in the gym.

In fact, there’s a running joke amongst regular gym goers, that most people training there only train their chests by doing flat bench barbell presses, and their biceps by dumbbell curling, to try to show off in front of other people.

Now, why people choose to go to the gym is none of our business, but what is, is showing you that if you are serious about building muscle, then there are many other exercises you can do, other than bench presses, that target the pectoral muscles just as well, if not better.

One exercise in particular is the dumbbell chest flye.

This exercise is an isolation exercise designed to really hit the upper, middle, and lower part of the pectoral muscle.

The main reason they’re so beneficial is the fact that they give you such a great stretch in your chest.

Here’s how to perform Dumbbell Chest Flyes safely and correctly.

  • Begin by choosing a set of relatively light dumbbells, that allow you to perform roughly 12-15 reps.
  • Next, lay down on flat bench, holding both dumbbells in the air directly above you. Your arms should both be fully extended whilst holding the weights.
  • You’ll next need to outwards and downwards using a slight arching movement. Make sure that as you do, your elbows bend ever so slightly.
  • Lower the weights as low as you can go, until you feel a deep stretch in your chest. Hold this position for a second or two.
  • Now you need bring the dumbbells back upwards, slowly, in exactly the same motion as you used to lower them.
  • When you bring them together in the air, again, try to really squeeze the pec muscles at the top, and hold it for a second or two. Imagine there’s a grape in the centre of your chest, and you’re trying to squeeze it flat using only your pec muscles. It sounds odd but it really works.
  • Repeat this process for a further 11 – 14 reps, or until your form begins to struggle.
  • Remember, always choose a weight you’re comfortable with, as the idea is to stimulate the muscle overtime. Dumbbell flyes are great for toning and building mass on the chest by isolating the muscle.

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