Calf raises – Use these tips to do them correctly

Calf raises – Use these tips to do them correctly

When it comes to training our legs, some of us skip leg day altogether, resulting in ‘chicken leg’ syndrome, which is not a good look and not practical either. Some of us who do train our legs, often neglect our calves, or don’t really work them as well as we should. Calf raises are fantastic exercises for working the calves, and you can also perform different variations of them too. Here are a few tips on how to do them correctly.

Standing dumbbell calf raises

The great thing about standing dumbbell calf raises, is that they’re so quick and easy to do, and they really work. To perform standing dumbbell calf raises:

  1. Start off by grabbing a pair of reasonably light dumbbells in each hand.
  2. Take a simple aerobics step, which most gyms should have, and if not, can easily and cheaply be found online, and then place the front of your feet on the very edge of your step.
  3. Next, stand up until you’re stood on your tiptoes, hold for a second, and then lower your feet downwards to complete your rep.

Seated machine calf raises

You’ll need a seated calf raise machine to complete this exercise, so if your gym has one, make sure you use it. Seated calf raises are just as effective as standing calf raises, and they’re also very easy too.

How To Do Seated machine calf raises

  1. Start off by selecting a light weight at first, that way you can assess how easy or how difficult the exercise may be. If it starts off too difficult, select a lighter weight. If by the end you found it too easy, add a little more weight.
  2. Sit down on the machine, tucking your knees under the specially designed leg protection pads.
  3. Place the very balls of your feet on the attachment located on the floor of the machine, and if the machine has them, place your hands on the handles for your hands. If the machine doesn’t have them, simply rest them on the top of the leg protection pads.
  4. To perform the exercise, press both feet upwards at the same time, lifting your heels into the air, which will then lift the pads of the machine upwards.
  5. Slowly lower your feet back down before raising them upwards all over again.

Calf raises require light weights and high reps, so make sure you go to absolute failure every time.  If you manage 20 reps, but could have managed 20 more, do 20 more or perhaps add a little extra weight for the next set.