Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Raises – How to do them! (With video)


In order to build a lean, muscular, and symmetrical physique, you must ensure that you follow a strict diet and training regime on a daily basis that allows you to train every single one of your major muscle groups at least once per week, sometimes more.

Take the shoulders for instance. Sometimes people tend to overlook their shoulders and will only perform one or two shoulder exercises, which more often than not include seated dumbbell shoulder presses.

People don’t actually realise that their deltoids (shoulders) have a front and a rear muscle and that working them both is the best way to guarantee optimal muscle growth and stimulation. A great way of working the rear deltoids is by performing rear deltoid dumbbell raises, which can be performed seated, and lying down. Here’s a look at how they’re both performed.

How to do Seated rear deltoid raises

  • To begin this exercise, find a flat bench and place a couple of relatively light dumbbells down at the front of the bench.
  • Take a seat on the edge of the bench with both dumbbells behind your calves and your legs both together.
  • Up next you will need to carefully bend at the waist all the while making sure to keep your back perfectly straight whilst you pick up the dumbbells.
  • When you pick the dumbbells up, your palms should both be facing one another and from here this will be the starting position.
  • Making sure to keep your body facing forward and still bent at the waist, and your arms with the elbows just slightly bent, lift both dumbbells up and out to the side until both of your arms are entirely parallel to the ground.
  • Once fully extended, hold for a second and focus on squeezing the shoulders before slowly lowering the dumbbells back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat for as many reps as required.

And How To Do Lying rear deltoid raises

  • To perform this exercise, take a set of relatively light dumbbells, one in each hand, and lay down facing forwards on a flat bench flat on your chest.
  • Position your palms so that they face your body and extend your arms and bend your elbows ever so slightly.
  • Next, raise both of your arms up and out to the side of your body until your elbows reach the same height as your shoulders and that your arms are around parallel to the ground.
  • Hold for a second and try to really squeeze as the deltoid muscles contract before slowly lowering the dumbbells back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat for as many reps as required.