How To Build Big Delts: Helpful Tips For Boulder Shoulders!

How To Build Big Delts: Helpful Tips For Boulder Shoulders!

When it comes to bodybuilding, and exercising in order to improve and increase our muscle mass, many of us tend to neglect certain body parts, and focus more on other more popular ones instead.

As far as popular body parts to train in the gym are concerned, many people tend to focus on the chest and arms. The bench press for instance, is an exercise that many people tend to favour, due to the fact that you can really ramp up the weight and show the gym how much you can lift.

People need to remember to leave their egos at the door, as a gym is no place to show off. Doing so could result in very serious consequences.

For that reason, exercises that tend not to emphasize heavy weights, those that work the shoulders for instance, tend to get neglected, or at least, not treated with any real seriousness.

Many people tend to neglect their shoulders and not take their should training seriously, which seriously harms the overall appearance of their physique.

A set of cannonball shoulders can really add the finishing touches to an aesthetic physique, and if your deltoids could do with bringing up, here are some helpful tips for you to consider.

Don’t be afraid of light weights, and forget what other people may think

Many deltoid exercises, rear delt flyes, dumbbell front raises, barbell front raises, side dumbbell lateral raises etc, all have one thing in common…they don’t require heavy weight.

To perform these exercises correctly, and with perfect form, would be impossible when using a heavy weight, no matter how strong you may be, and for that reason, some people shy away from them as they’re scared people will see them lifting lighter weights, and will think they’re weak.

Light weights and high reps is the way to go when training the deltoids, so make sure you use those light weights.

Remember that there are other shoulder exercises on top of presses

There have been people in the past, in fact there still is in almost every gym, that will base their shoulder training almost solely on various shoulder presses.

There have been people that have started off with seated dumbbell shoulder presses, followed by standing barbell military presses, followed by machine shoulder presses, and even topped off with some behind the neck smith machine presses for good measure.

Now, shoulder presses are absolutely great for working the shoulders, but they all work the same muscle group in the shoulders, so doing that many different varieties is just overkill.

Remember there are lateral raises, rear delt flyes, front raises, upright rows, and many more exercises to choose from.

Switch between dumbbell and barbell

If you’re a fan of standing barbell military presses, you probably incorporate them regularly into your shoulder training routine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but every so often, switch things up and try to alternate between barbell military presses, and dumbbell military presses to help give your joints a little bit of a rest. Go slightly lighter but place an emphasis on higher rep training instead.