30 Day Plank Challenge


When it comes to building a strong, defined, and healthy core, the plank is without question one of the most effective exercises you could ever wish for, and what’s more is the fact that it is painfully simple to perform, but incredibly beneficial.

The plank is ideal for improving posture, strengthening your core, building functional strength, shaping and toning your abs, building isometric strength, and helping to sculpt and tone your waistline in the process.

There are also different variations of the exercise that allow you to work different parts of your body, just by adjusting your posture slightly as you workout.

To perform a full plank, you basically begin in a standard push up position, lower both your forearms down to the ground, straighten your back, and hold this position for as long as possible.

With practice, each plank session should be better than the last. Try this 30 day plank exercise challenge and see how well you perform:

Week 1

Days 1 and 2: 30 seconds
Days 3 and 4: 40 seconds
Day 5: 45 seconds
Days 6 and 7: Rest

Week 2

Days 8 and 9: 50 seconds
Days 10 and 11: 55 seconds
Days 12 and 13: 60 seconds
Day 14: Rest

Week 3

Days 15 and 16: 70 seconds
Days 17 and 18: 80 seconds
Day 19: 90 seconds
Days 20 and 21: Rest

Week 4

Days 22 and 23: 110 seconds
Days 24 and 25: 130 seconds
Day 26: 160 seconds
Day 27: Rest
Days 28 and 29: 190 seconds
Day 30: 220 seconds

Further Help with Doing Planks:

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