How To Clean Your Protein Shaker Bottle


As you’re all now looking to improve your bodies by building muscle and burning fat, there’s a very strong chance that you probably already know just how vital protein is when it comes to bodybuilding and exercise in general for that matter. Protein is vital for the growth and repair of muscle tissue and as a result, those looking to build muscle need to consume a lot of it.

This is where protein shakes and protein shakers come into play. Protein powder is a bodybuilder’s best friend, as are protein shakers as they blend the powder perfectly. If you’ve ever left your protein shaker dirty and unwashed for a few days before opening it however, the stench probably brought tears to your eyes.

I once forgot about one of mine for over a week, in the middle of summer and when I opened it I nearly vomited.

It’s vital to keep your shaker bottle clean, and it’s also incredibly easy.

How to clean your protein shaker bottle

In the dishwasher – Most shaker cups are dishwasher safe, so unscrew the lid, place it in correctly, and let the dishwasher do its stuff.

With hot soapy water – There’s nothing difficult or complex about this. Simply fill your sink with hot soapy water, get a brush or scouring pad in there, give it a good scrub, rinse away the suds, and leave to dry.