3 Simple Kettle Bell Training Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!


If you’re looking to really get yourself in shape this year and to really burn fat and build and tone your muscles, then why not try mixing up your exercise regime by incorporating kettle bells into your weekly training schedule?

Kettle bells aren’t like other weights such as dumbbells.

They’re designed differently, imagine a large iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it that you use to swing it and you’re pretty much there.

Kettle bells are designed to work multiple body parts at once, especially your core, and they’re fantastic, providing you know how to use them of course. Here are 3 simple tips to help you along.

Tip #1 Get your swing right

In order to really use kettle bells the way they’re supposed to be used, you’ll need to perfect your swing. The basic idea is to swing the weight from between the legs up until just before the chin, with the power coming from the legs rather than the arms. Make sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor when you swing the weight, and make sure you don’t lean forward, make sure to hinge from your hips.

Tip #2 Perfect your grip

If your kettlebell grip isn’t right not only will your hands feel uncomfortable, but the exercise itself won’t be as effective. Use a neutral grip with your wrists, with no bend in them at all, and don’t grip too tightly.

Tip #3 Start off with light weights

If you’ve never used them before, kettle bells can feel odd, so start off with very light weights and concentrate on getting your grip and technique right before you move on to heavier weights.